Lawn and Turf Maintenance

- the Professionals in Lawn and Turf!

Established in 1989 and now incorporating one of Victoria’s most advanced Turf Renovation Systems, we at Lawn and Turf pride ourselves on providing Highly Efficient, Cost Effective, Quality Turf Renovation Practices to the wider Turf Industry. We have developed from exceptional results through our Expertise, State of the Art Equipment, our Professional Approach and more importantly by Positive Feedback from Turf Managers within the Turf Industry.

In a world of “Want Now”, expectations of Turf Surfaces in all Sporting Sectors has increased, however, the Time available to carry out the most important Turf Requirement – Renovations - has decreased!

Just imagine Scarifying, Top Dressing and Verti Draining 19 Greens by just after Lunch; Verti Draining or Scarifying 18 Fairways in just over One Day; or Seeding 12 Ovals per Day in-between the Cricket and Football Seasons - all without compromising on quality whilst ensuring Competitive Pricing.

These are just a few of the Procedures we at Lawn and Turf have Stream-Lined to suit that minimal Window of Opportunity. We also Specialize in Line Planting of Warm Season Turf Types with two Specially Modified Line Planting Machines capable of using Turf Rolls or Sprigs.

For all your Renovation requirements please call and talk with us about what we can do for you.

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