Jeremy Cutajar - Ringwood-Dorset Golf Clubs


To Whom It May Concern

Lawn and Turf Maintenance has performed a variety of tasks at the Ringwood and Dorset Golf Course over a number of years.

These task included Line planting of Couch grass in to fairways, Scarifying of fairways and Verti Draining of fairways and greens.

I was initially attracted to the services of Lawn and Turf Maintenance due to their willingness to help to develop an entire program to suit our specific needs.

We had specific requirements that we had to meet and Lawn and Turf Maintenance were able to tailor a program to help us achieve the desired outcomes within our budget requirements.

The time constraints of some of our programs are very restrictive and I have been extremely impressed with the ability of Lawn and Turf Maintenance to supply what seem to be unlimited resources to get the work done in a very short space of time.

The initial technical support has continued for a number of years after the works have been completed, the professionalism and enthusiasm in which this support is delivered complements the ability of Lawn and Turf Maintenance to get the work completed in the field.

Jeremy Cutajar
Golf Course Superintendent
Ringwood and Dorset Golf Courses