Imants Root Pruner

Root Pruner

Tree Roots damage Walkways and Cart Paths plus steal Moisture and Nutrients from Fine Turf. Until now, Root Pruning was a difficult task, slow and messy, mostly done by a Back Hoe or Ditch Witch. The ROOT PRUNER by Imants makes Root Pruning simple, quick, and with No Clean Up. The ROOT PRUNER is the perfect remedy for reducing Turf Decline caused by competition with Tree Roots for Water. The ROOT PRUNER by Imants continuously Aerifies and Double Prunes Tree Roots with Diameters up to 125mm at a Depth of 225mm with No Clean Up.

Engineered, Designed, and Built in the Netherlands, the ROOT PRUNER is equipped with 6 Hardened Steel Blades that is driven by a patented Triple Reduction Planetary Gear Box for maximum Torque.